A4 Systems Announces HerdWhistle™ Website Launch

A4 Systems Announces HerdWhistle™ Website Launch

CALGARY, AB, June 16, 2021 /CNW/ – A4 Systems is excited to announce the launch of HerdWhistle.com, the website for proprietary livestock monitoring system HerdWhistle.

HerdWhistle is an RFID monitoring system for livestock that alerts feedlots to early indicators of potential health issues. The system reports indicators of distress and illness up to seven days before visible symptoms can be seen. Monitoring animal behavior 24/7 can lead to 25% minimum improvement on mortality rates.

The website at www.herdwhistle.com introduces the product to the global marketplace. The website is simple but powerful. The product concept is introduced with images and non-technical description. “HerdWhistle is a very powerful idea,” said CEO Patrick Charest. “We are deploying the technology and it is time to launch the website. We want to introduce the concept to the market and build relationships with operators over time. We’re a long-term solution for feedlots.”

Charest said as the market learns about HerdWhistle the company will introduce more features to the website. The RFID technology, while sophisticated, is easy to install and does not disrupt the day-to-day operation of a feedlot in any way. The system helps with inventory and labor and can drive profitability for the operators.

“HerdWhistle is a new team member for the feedlot. The system is designed to work seamlessly with feedlot operators. It provides timely information that is highly impactful to the operation,” said Charest.

HerdWhistle is marketed in Canada exclusively by UFA, one of Canada’s largest co-operatives. The company is currently exploring distribution opportunities in the United States.

About A4 Systems:

Founded in 2015, A4 Systems is a world-class team of cyber physical system product developers, transforming quality data into primary competitive advantage. Based in Calgary, A4 builds mission-critical SaaS products for customers to achieve breakthrough performance. HerdWhistle™ is A4’s flagship product.

For further information: Jared Slemp sales@a4.systems Ph: +1 (587) 774-5888